BFA (France) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Baltic Flight Academy (Lithuania) which is a fully approved EASA European Flight Training Organisation providing flight training courses leading to the issues of a European EASA license and valid in all European member states (as well as other countries worldwide depending on local legislation).

BFA (France) offers flight training courses to cover the private pilots license, night rating, hour building and the CPL as well as an ATPL Modular course where all the training is carried out in France except the simulator training for  Instrument rating which is carried out in Vilnius unless you elect to do the practical training in Lithuania

BFA(France) instructors are all experienced and speak both French and English.

BFA(France) offers theoretical ground courses on a distance learning basis with Institute Mermoz in French

BFA(France) is a (Centre de formation agrée pat L’Etat Française) and as such you may under certain circumstances benefit from a DIF (Droit Individuel de formation) or other grants

BFA (France) assists you in looking to find accommodation near Toulouse Francazal as well as the services of our student welfare officer

BFA(France) uses Tecnam PJ2002F aircraft as well as a Rockwell Aerocommnder AC112RT for CPL and advanced training. Multi Engine training is carried out on a Tecnam PT2006 or a Beech BE55

BFA(France) has links to banks to finance the training and offers a “pay as you fly” scheme.

BFA(France) in conjunction with the Irish Education Authority has put together and a combined course consisting of an aeronautical business management degree with an ATPL license giving you the best chance to seek employment.


BFA(France) works with Brookfield International aeronautical recruitment consultants to try and place its students with airlines.


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